Henry F. Teichmann, Inc.


Pittsburgh, U.S. based Henry F. Teichmann, Inc. (HFT), a world leader in glass engineering and contracting, is making history in China’s glass industry.

Under PPG licensing agreements with the clients, HFT has been designing and building 3 new Oxy-Fuel 600 MTPD float glass production lines and 2 CVD online Low-E coating systems for its customers in China. These Oxy-Fuel float glass lines are the first in China to take advantage of the latest and state of art technologies developed by PPG and HFT, which have been proven successful in PPG operating plants for almost 12 years. PPG has also been operating the CVD since the 1990’s.

The first of these Oxy-Fuel float glass lines in China is to be commissioned in the summer of 2012, in Hainan, by AVIC (Hainan) Special Glass Materials Co., Ltd. The same company had commissioned its first CVD, which is also capable of TCO coating, in the spring of 2012, and expects to commission the 2nd unit later this year.

The other two Oxy-Fuel float lines are owned by Beijing Jinjing Wisdom Solar Materials Co., Ltd., in Daxing, Beijing. Jinjing expects to commission one in late 2012 and the other in 2013.

Oxy-Fuel float glass furnaces are best known for dramatically reducing NOx and CO2, reducing fuel consumption, improving glass quality and yields, facilitating process stability, and lowering maintenance costs. PPG and HFT are the only source of this proven technology.