Onyx Solar has executed together with the General Contractor-GH Phipps- the installation of the Science Pyramid in Denver, Colorado

The Project with pyramidal shape is comprised of hexagonal photovoltaic glass using crystalline silicon with a 100% customized design.

After completion of the project, Onyx Solar interviewed some of the involved firms in the execution of it: the designer of the façade, the architect, the GC and the owners.

“When we needed hexagonal photovoltaic glass, Onyx was the only company that could produce it“…”Work with them was great”. Adam Tormohlen, PM, special projects of GH Phipps

“Capacity of generate energy from the sun and aesthetics blend together in a unique product”. William P. Babbington, Studio NYL.

Source: Onyx Solar Group/onyxgreenbuilding.wordpress.com