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Prodim Proliner: The solution to measure glass easily, accurately and fast

Measuring curved glass with Prodim Unfold

Prodim is the manufacturer of revolutionary 2D and 3D portable measuring solutions. Prodim is always closely following the developments in the glass industry and listens to the users of the Proliner measuring devices. This allows Prodim to continue improving the measuring devices and developing new solutions.

The Proliner®
Measuring with the Proliner® is very easy; position the device at a central place and measure a few points of the object with the measuring pen. The wire of the pen can be stretched out for several meters and can be rotated in every direction. Straight, curved, simple and very complex shapes can be measured in an instant. The marked points are directly translated into a digital DXF CAD file. Thanks to the available CAD functions on the Proliner, a measurement can be checked and edited on-site. The digital drawing can be used to create measurement reports, to operate your machine, to print, to cut plots with your plotter or as a base for your design.

The Proliner for the glass industry
Accurate measurements are particularly important for the glass industry in order to prevent wasting glass due to inaccurate measurements. Traditional methods do not only increase the chance of inaccuracy, they also take a lot of time and effort. Using Prodim’s measuring device objects (flat and bended) can be measured easily, quickly and with great accuracy in all kinds of situations. These measurements can take place in the factory as well as directly on the job site. It does not matter how complex the object is, the Proliner® measures complex shaped windows, windshields, doors, backsplashes, shower cabins, large structure covers, restoration and decoration glass and much more effortlessly. Even curved glass objects are not a problem to be measured. After measuring, a digital file is directly available, containing all the necessary information ready to be processed for production.


Prodim has developed two unique solutions for the glass industry: one for the flat glass industry (Prodim Glass CT 3.1) and one for the bent glass industry (Prodim Unfold 3.0). This latter solution underwent some improvements last year, making it even more interesting for the glass industry.

Prodim Glass CT
The flat glass industry is known for making many templates. With the Proliner this is history. Using the Proliner, digital templates can be made in seconds.

Prodim’s dedication to the flat glass industry resulted in the Prodim Glass CT software for flat glass. Using this software you can check dimensions, edit the measurements and perform a flatness check of the glass and see if the flatness is within tolerance. All projects and files can be managed and full production worksheets can be created. You can create complete customized reports with your company logo, including customer and project data, notes and sketches. All saved .DXF files can be edited on the Proliner or imported into another measurement. Instead of importing digitized drawings, symbols for production can also be inserted from the libraries. The end result is a DXF file which is immediately ready for CNC cutting.

Prodim Unfold 3.0
Prodim Unfold is the solution for bended glass makers, dealing with i.e. windshields for the automotive and naval applications. The Unfold software is the solution that easily translates 3D drawings into 2D unfolded shapes in one click, thereby focusing on simplicity, precision and speed.

The Unfold Software is primary used for flattening double curved shapes and preparing these for production. The software contains a FEM analysis which is used as an additional check to determine whether the bending will not go over the elasticity limit. The end result is a printable report, listing the results of the calculations.

One of the newest features of the Unfold is that this software can now preserve holes measured on the surface of the windshield glass. And thanks to new mathematics, this solution can also handle better curvatures and shapes which are typically used in boats and busses.

Improve your production process
Creating templates is a time consuming and inaccurate way of measuring. When starting to measure with the Proliner you will notice the benefits of this portable, digital device immediately. Not only will you save a lot of time and money on material and on staff, but also will you minimize accuracy errors. Using the solutions of Prodim, your whole production process can be optimized.

In October Prodim will attend the Glasstec 2014, presenting both its glass solutions, Glass CT 3.1 and Prodim Unfold. In addition, demonstrations will be given not only to show how the measurement device and the software work, but also to familiarize people with the effective use of this unique solution. For more information about Prodim’s glass solutions mentioned in this article or any other solutions of Prodim, visit our website or visit our booth at the Glasstech in Düsseldorf, Germany from 21 to 24 October 2014, hall 14, booth C17 and find out what Prodim’s solutions can do for your company.

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