Prodim International B.V.

Prodim presents measuring solutions for the glass industry at Glasstec 2014

bend glass measurement proliner

Prodim dedicates herself to improve and facilitate the production processes for fabricators around the world with the use of the Proliner®. They are focusing on providing full industry solutions; for the Glass market Prodim even developed multiple solutions. Prodim will showcase these solutions at the Glasstec in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 21 to 24 October 2014.

Working with the Proliner in the glass industry
The Proliner® is the ideal solution for all sort of measuring jobs in the glass industry, reducing waste, saving time and money. Thanks to Proliner you can make measurements in the factory as well as directly on the job site. The Proliner can serve companies working with flat, architectural or bend glass, for example dealing with door and window frames, countertops, backsplashes, restoration of decorative glass, construction sites, shower cabins, verandas and large structure’s covers.

Prodim Glass CT 3.0 – The solution for flat glass and architectural glass
With the Proliner® you can measure flat glass, architectural glass, textured glass, decorative glass and very complex shapes in an instant (2D). You can measure any object in horizontal, vertical or slanting position. With the Glass CT software you are able to check and finish the measurement on-site with the on-board CAD functions and control all your projects and files and create full production worksheets. The result is a precise digital file containing all the information you possibly need, ready to be processed in your production line.

Prodim Unfold glass - The easy way to measure and flatten bend glass
The Proliner® can also measure bend glass and instantly create a 3D drawing, from this drawing the Unfold software directly calculates the 2D unfolded shape. Then a 2D contour is calculated with consideration of the material characteristics. Create digital templates from windshield prototypes as well as directly from the frames; hard templates are no longer necessary.

Prodim at Glasstec – Demonstration of their glass solutions
Prodim will showcase the Proliner to demonstrate the innovative and cost-effective solutions for measuring glass in 2D or 3D. You can visit Prodim at Glasstec, if you wish to see the Proliner and its features in action, get more information or talk with their engineers. During the Glasstec, Prodim will be in Hall 14, booth 17.