Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH

Reflecting the spirit of the times – significant cost savings in autoglass production

The Bavarian company Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH developed a forward-looking system for coating autoglass windows with a liquid separating agent before gravity bending. The “AGA 1000” autoglass applicator was introduced to the public at Glasstec 2008 and was greatly appreciated by leading autoglass manufacturers.

The convincing characteristics of the AGA 1000 are its refined setting options and the possibility of applying the separating agent homogenously. Compared to other systems, this does not only mean that the level of production safety is increased considerably; it also improves the quality during the bending process – and, with it, the optical quality. However, the reduction of the bending error rate is not the only feature distinguishing the AGA 1000 from other systems. According to General Manager, Reinhold Senft, the system preserves the working environment and ensures that the maintenance effort is decreased significantly compared to previously applied procedures.

With the cost savings achieved thereby, the innovation from Bavaria corresponds with the spirit of the times in the automotive industry; this is reflected by the Grafotec sales figures. “The feedback from our customers is an absolutely positive one”, says Reinhold Senft, adding: “With the new AGA 1000, we will improve our sales figures despite the prevailing crisis.”