Renovation works start in Steklarna Hrastnik

On Monday, 15th of September, the company Steklarna Hrastnik started the implementation of a very important and demanding investment in the division Special, in which the bottles are made. Therefore, on Monday the production in this division will be temporarily down due to the implementation of modernized procedures. The production will be restarted on 3rd of November. The value of the investment in the division Special is 8 million euros.

During those 49 days, in the division Special the reconstruction of the furnace for production of bottles will be carried out and the production line will be modernized. Moreover, during the renovation works Steklarna Hrastnik will renovate the melting furnace B, install powerful and highly automated production line for the production of bottles, carry out maintenance work on the closed loop system for wastewater treatment and implement the measures to reduce energy consumption, increase operational safety and reduce emissions. Following the investment, Steklarna Hrastnik will be able to produce two-litre bottles as well and the efficiency and quality of the production will be enhanced.

In the division Special, additional 800,000 euros will be invested by Steklarna Hrastnik in order to upgrade automated control lines and cooling and vacuuming of production lines. This will further increase the production capacity.

The implementation of works will last for 49 days. More than 300 employees and external experts will cooperate on the project 24 hours a day. Capacity and quality of bottle production will increase with the new furnace, namely from the current rate of 120 tonnes per day with existing quality of glass up to 140 tonnes per day with a better quality glass and significantly lower energy consumption.

The investment in the division Special for the production of bottles is the biggest this year and is next very important technological investment into the production of Steklarna Hrastnik after last year´s investment in G furnace in division Vitrum.

Source: Steklarna Hrastnik