Rumpke upgrades Ohio recycling facility

Rumpke Recycling is upgrading its Dayton, Ohio, recycling facility at a cost of $2.5 million.

The unit of Cincinnati-based Rumpke Consolidated Companies Inc. is adding a new sortation system to replace old equipment and improve the plant’s efficiency. The facility sorts glass and cardboard from the more than 500 tons of recycling the unit receives daily.

Rumpke also is installing a dust collection system that will improve efficiency as well as the quality of glass cullet, the firm said.

Cardboard from the facility is sent to manufacturers while glass is processed further on site. Other recyclables – metals, paper and plastic – go to Rumpke’s new Cincinnati plant for further sorting and processing.

“This investment will allow us to recycle more efficiently, ultimately leading to a larger volume of recycling,” said Mike Bramkamp, Rumpke regional vice president. “The new Dayton model could serve as a template for our other regional facilities as we continue to develop methods of recycling more. We are encouraged by the rising interest in recycling from residents and businesses in our region.”

The Dayton plant is more than 20 years old and employs more than 200 people.

Source: Rumpke/