SORG and GLASS SERVICE join forces to promote ES III TM

SORG joins forces with GLASS SERVICE, Inc. (Czech Republic) to promote the industry standard for advanced model based expert control systems for melters and forehearths. GLASS SERVICE is the unrivaled leader in this field with over 15 years of experience with various glass types.

SORG is the recognized leader in supplying furnaces and conditioning systems. Effective immediately, SORG will not only act as a reseller of ES III TM but also develop projects independently of GLASS SERVICE. In other words: SORG customers will no longer have to work with multiple parties to set up communications between their underlying control system and ES III TM, but benefit from a convenient one-stop-shop solution instead.

SORG will place special emphasis on integrating ES III TM into the highly successful line of SORG 340S forehearths to give them more of a product characteristic. As a tightly embedded option, ES III TM will make day to day forehearth operations even easier.

On the other hand, SORG‘s global sales force and presence will enable GLASS SERVICE to expand their installed base even quicker.

Both parties see this as a Win Win Win situation offering substantial benefits for SORG, GLASS SERVICE and their customers.

Source: Nikolaus Sorg GmbH & Co. KG/GLASS SERVICE, Inc.