SWISSPACER passes the Diamond standard

Diamond Cut Glass Ltd uses SWISSPACER inside its sealed units because it gives excellent long-term performance and is easy to process.

Diamond Cut Glass is based in Gloucester and manufactures around 500 sealed units a week. When it came to choosing the best warm edge spacer bar for its sealed unit, the company wanted a top quality product without expensive set-up costs.

“We looked at another warm edge spacer bar brand but decided SWISSPACER was the better product. Other warm edge brands are more costly because you have to invest in specialist machinery, but we process SWISSPACER by hand and are very pleased with the results”, says Larrie Lane, Director of Diamond Cut Glass.

He adds: “Unlike other ‘floppy’ warm edge spacers, SWISSPACER stays true to size and doesn’t compress or buckle under pressure. SWISSPACER looks good and helps us achieve the best energy ratings. You could say it passes the ‘Diamond’ standard!”

SWISSPACER is the UK and Ireland’s leading warm edge spacer bar. Sealed unit makers using SWISSPACER don’t need to invest in specialist machinery - it can be used ‘out of the box’ with cut and corner keys on existing machinery or by hand. SWISSPACER has a rigid structure so is not affected by processing or extreme temperatures to give long-lasting performance.

Source: Saint-Gobain\ DIAMOND CUT GLASS, INC./