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SYNERGX announces the official launch of DIMX, the first in-process system for complete dimensional measurement of flat automotive glass systems

SynergX Technologies Inc., a global supplier of automated optical inspection technology for the automotive glass industry, today announced the launch of its new DIMX product for complete in-process dimensional measurement of flat automotive glass. DIMX is the first in-process dimensional measurement system capable of guaranteeing 100% measurement in process at +/- 0.100 mm accuracy.
The DIMX System eliminates the need for mechanical gauges used with manual measurement while providing real-time process information on grinding and drilling equipment performance. When used in combination with the SynergX PMware yield management software modules, DIMX evinces a significant improvement of glass processing yields.
Performing offline statistical techniques currently used for glass sizing represent a substantial and unnecessary cost within the glass manufacturing process. Ensuring accurate glass dimensions is an integral aspect of the manufacture of automotive glass products. Incorrectly dimensioned glass parts can disrupt the manufacturing process and cause expensive setbacks during final assembly at a car manufacturing facility. “We are thrilled to be the first company providing the automotive glass industry with such a high performance metrology tool” says Stéphane Lemieux, General Manager at SynergX. The modular design of DIMX systems means that they can be readily adjusted to all glass manufacturing environments. In combination with its existing Glass-Scan defect inspection systems, SynergX offers solutions at a number of stages in the manufacturing process. When installed with the existing Glass-Scan Systems for defect inspection, the combination provides improved quality, increased productivity and process improvement, ultimately resulting in a uniquely competitive advantage for our customers.
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SynergX Technologies Inc. is a leading global supplier of automated optical inspection technology for the glass industry, including photovoltaic, automotive, appliance and architectural glass. In addition to improving end product quality, SynergX systems allow manufacturers to optimize their production processes, improve productivity and manage production yields. Located in Laval, Quebec, SynergX has sales offices and customer support centers in Markham, Canada, China, Europe, South Korea, South Africa and Japan.
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