Scheuten Solar contracts in excess of 2.5 MW of PV projects in January 2012

In the first month of 2012 Scheuten Solar contracted in excess of 2.5 MW of medium-size PV projects. Project sizes vary from 300 kW up to 1 MW. The majority comprise PV systems on industrial roofs based on an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) and an O&M (Operation & Maintenance) contract.

Particularly in countries such as Italy and Belgium, Scheuten Solar has a firm footing when it comes to implementing turnkey PV projects managed from start to finish by Scheuten Solar. Recently even the Netherlands seems to be more open to this kind of project.

The installation of a large-scale PV system is an investment with guaranteed returns. Furthermore, operating in a sustainable manner is increasingly important for companies. The installation of solar panels on (previously) unused (roof) surfaces reduces the burden on the environment thanks to reduced CO2 emissions. Moreover, the energy generated by the solar panels produces considerable savings in terms of the electricity bill.

“In recent years our team in Europe have implemented a good number of large-scale projects”, says Lucy van Keulen, Director Project Implementation at Scheuten Solar. “In addition to the development and implementation work, we are now taking care of monitoring and maintenance for more than one hundred large-scale PV installations. For each project in 2011, the performance ratio exceeded the agreements made in advance. This is ensuring that clients want to work with us again and again, thereby paving the way for the successful start to this year.”

Source: Scheuten Solar/E-mail