Self loading cutting table MASTER

Flexible, fast and simple to use. Ideal for space saving.

Self-loading cutting table for float glass cutting, Master Shape 3.7 FRV, equipped with loading arms with suction cups, can load automatically the glass sheet directly from the rack positioned near the table.

The cutting bridge, in aluminum made, is is also equipped with suction cups, and allows the automatic handling of the sheet, loaded in the zero position, allowing the immediate start of the cutting cycle.

The high performances (cutting speed of 220 m/min, cutting accuracy of ±0,15 mm), the racks with inclined teeth and recirculation ball bearings, complete the machine making it technologically advances and extremely reliable and noiseless.

The versatility of the machine is ensured by the possibility of using mobile racks, on which can be loaded various types of glass, and the possibility of load sheets also manually, directly on the arms of the load.

The control panel is equipped with LCD Monitor, Industrial PC with optimization software.

Source: Macotec/