Sican Co., Ltd.

Sican Co., Ltd.

Window Film

Sican was established in Taiwan in 1998. Specialized in the Chemical, PET film & energy-saving procedures, Sican engineers accumulated precious experiences not only from their academic studies, lab R&D, but also practical down-to-earth craftsmanship from years of production.

Factory located in the industrial city of Taoyuan in the northern Taiwan, Sican constantly researching and developing newest technologies to improve our product performances with the best possible quality. With energy saving and eco-friendly production in mind, Sican facilitates and operates only the environmental friendly procedures for all of our production. You can make sure that the products you purchase are produced by a group of people who really care about the environment, by that concept we bring you only the best films money can buy.

Energy Saving: Sican films really save you air condition cost, reduce energy and increase comfort.

Quality Commitment: High level QC control to make sure our customers will always come back for best quality films.

Innovative & Competitive: Continually R&D to cost down, so to create for you the most energy efficient products.

"A" Grade Customer Support: Our first priority is customer satisfaction; we will make every effort to make sure YOU are happy with us.

Eco-Friendly Energy Saving; Sican Who Can