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Sika at Glasstec/Solarpeq - Increased mechanical and process performance

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Switzerland

The façade and PV industry, and for sure the BIPV systems have one in common, all strive for performance increase, cost reduction and architectural appeal. The new product range of Sika for this markets support the industry to achieve this targets.
At the Glasstec / Solarpeq Sika is presenting its three newest product innovations to the market.
•Sikasil® SG-550 with extra high mechanical strength for smaller joints in facades.
•Sikasil® IG-25 HM plus for reduced material consumption and increased gas-tightness on Insulating glasses.
•Sikasil® AS-780 with exceptional initial-strength for simplified process integration of backrail bonding.

Durable and process optimised bonding of backrails or other mounting systems
With the new innovation of Sikasil® AS-780, Sika is introducing a new generation of two component Silicone technology for process integrated backrail bonding. The Sikasil® AS-780 combines the exceptional long term performance of a structural Silicone used in the façade industry with the process ability of a high tack and high green-strength adhesive. The initial green strength and strength development is much higher than existing Silicone technologies. This unique product makes it now feasible to bond the mounting devices and handle the assembled parts within the standard production lines and cycles without the need for any large buffer zones or pre-fixation devices. Furthermore the appearing tolerances between modules and mounting device can easily be compensated by the paste like adhesive and the applied bead geometry.
At the same time the Sikasil® AS-780 meets the requirements of the most severe structural glazing standard for façades, the EOTA ETAG 002. This standard is concluded with the expectations of a lifetime of at least 25 years on the tested system. This means the bond will last for decades under harsh environmental outdoor conditions with UV, rain and heat as well as under loads from wind and snow with the corresponding joint geometry.

The innovative Sikasil® AS-780 enables the PV module and system providers to move forward with the desired cost and material savings in fixation solutions with a secured long term performance and simplified process integration.

High mechanical performance for joint reductions and material savings in structural glazing
With Sikasil® SG-550, a high-strength Silicone adhesive for the structural glazing will revolutionize the market: the new material is ETAG and CE certified and has an almost twice as high tensile strength as conventional SG adhesives with almost 2 N/mm2 - at 100% elongation. Thus, it is possible to reduce the adhesive area and therefore reducing the facing width of the aluminium profile by 30%. This results in leaner elevation widths of aluminum systems and saves costs, as the spacer tapes can be reduced in width and height as well. The Sikasil ® SG-550 serves the demand of architects for slender metal frames and larger glass panes in always filigree constructions.

Enhanced gas-tightness and mechanical strength for higher performing insulating glasses
Sikasil® IG 25 HM plus, a silicone glass sealant overcomes boundaries: it ensures reduced insulating glass joints thanks to higher strength and results in 25% material savings. The target is an optimised productivity and thanks to smaller joints and reduced gas losses an improved U-value with increased long-term energy savings.

Sika sets new standards in Düsseldorf and goes beyond existing borders.

Interested customers are very welcome to visit our booth at Glasstec/Solarpeq in Dusseldorf in hall 11, booth D67 to experience the newest innovations and to discuss with the experts in sealing and bonding.