Sion Kölsch distinguished with the coveted red dot

The red dot design award is one of the leading international design competitions. Its label is coveted, its jury consists of high-calibre personalities and its winners come in the red dot museum. And its awards ceremony annually attracts guests from the realms of design, economy, politics and culture to an event in a class of its own. The winner in the category communication design 2012: Sion Kölsch in the individual bottle from Verallia Deutschland ...

Can a Kölsch glass bottle look as good as its fresh, elegantly dry content tastes? Yes, this is possible! The high-quality individual bottle with the relief lettering from Sion Kölsch printed and developed together with Verallia Deutschland proves it. Its unique shape, inspired by the formerly widespread NRW bottle and the contemporary longneck bottle, combines tradition and modernity in perfection. For this successful bridging Sion Kölsch has received the red dot design award in the category communication design – one of the most coveted international awards for communication and product design.
The red dot design award is one of the leading design competitions worldwide with 6,823 applications from 43 countries. The famous red dot universally stands for the best in design and business. Now it is officially confirmed with the award for Sion Kölsch: the individual Kölsch beer bottle has the makings of a classic!

“We have the most beautiful Kölsch”

Fifteen independent expert jury members rated the submitted works, among other things, according to the criteria recognition value, addressing specific target groups and aesthetics. This year 92 per cent of the competition entries came away empty-handed. Just 511 products worldwide received the coveted red dot. “We are very honoured that we were able to convince with the Sion Kölsch individual bottle. After all, what is particularly tasty should also look particularly tasty. As is generally known, the eyes savour the experience”, says brand manager David Meisser. “So now it is official: we have the most beautiful Kölsch.”

Creative achievements impress

“All creative achievements which were distinguished with the red dot award 2012 impressed an internationally staffed jury of experts. A victory among thousands of submissions from 43 countries reveals the actual potential and provides the proud award winners with worldwide visibility in order to position their product as best as possible”, says Prof. Dr. Peter Zec. “The award generates a decisive advantage over the competition and impressively shows that the winners have competed with the most creative minds in the industry and prevailed”, adds the initiator and CEO of red dot.

Awards ceremony and exhibition

The winners will be honoured within the framework of the festive awards ceremony on 24 October 2012 at Konzerthaus Berlin. The Designers’ Night – a lavish party in the course of which the special exhibition “Design on stage – winners of the red dot award: communication design 2012” will be opened – will be held afterwards at the Alte Münze Berlin. The distinguished works will be presented from 25 to 28 October 2012.

Quelle: Saint-Gobain Oberland AG