Slovenian furnace completed

Steklarna Hrastnik’s Chairman of the Board, Andrej Božič, performed the last act in the construction of a new glass furnace – the so-called ‘hammering of the last firebrick’ into the arch.

This is an ancient glassmakers’ tradition that requires the director to buy as many carafes of wine as is the number of blows he made in order to hammer down the last firebrick.

The act signals that construction works on the furnace have been roughly completed.

The Slovenian company has used 660 tonnes of fireproof material and 220 tonnes of steel structural frame to build the furnace.

The €7 million furnace is currently in the heating stage and will be filled with mixture in late February, as planned. All works related to energy supply and machine installation are currently underway.

The new furnace is expected to bring energy efficiency, better glass quality and an improved competitive position on the global market.

Source: Steklarna Hrastnik/