Solutia Inc. Launches Industry Changing EnerLogic® 70 Low-E Window Film

Solutia Inc., the world’s leading producer of professional window films for automotive, residential and commercial markets, is proud to announce EnerLogic® 70 low E window film as the newest addition to its award winning, EnerLogic® window film series.

Developed as part of Solutia’s ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, EnerLogic window film features a patent-pending, low E coating, which reduces heat loss of existing commercial and residential glazing by up to 42 %(1) – improving energy efficiency throughout the year. EnerLogic 70 reflects 91 % of radiant heat back into the building, a far superior performance to any other energy control or low E film on the market(2). Such outstanding results are unprecedented in a film with a visible light transmission of 70 %(1), the highest visible light transmission of any low E window film. Both homeowners and occupants of commercial buildings will appreciate the natural light and clear view of this high performance film that helps to retain the appearance of the existing glazing.

“Today, energy savings and efficiency is not a part-time proposition. Energy efficiency must be managed across all seasons in every possible climate region,” said Jeremy Verstraete, Senior Brand Manager, Global Architectural Films. “Windows typically account for 25 % of annual heating and cooling costs, but can be responsible for as much as 40 %. With EnerLogic® 70 low E window film, direct heat from the summer sun and external radiant heat from the Page 2 of 3 environment are reflected away from windows, reducing the energy demand from airconditioning. In winter, radiant heat from a building’s heating system is directed back into the room, decreasing energy use and improving comfort. EnerLogic® 70 therefore reduces energy bills throughout the year.”

In addition to reduced energy bills, further savings and benefits can be achieved by choosing EnerLogic® 70 window film over other low E options, such as window replacement. With an average installation time of just 15 minutes per window, increased comfort and energy savings can be achieved in a single afternoon. Installation is clean and minimally disruptive. Plus the waste and embedded carbon that is typically generated by window replacement will not end up in a landfill. In comparison to other energy saving measures, EnerLogic® 70 is a low-cost, high return window insulation technology that is environmentally friendly, and typically pays for its embedded carbon within a few weeks.

EnerLogic® window film was recently recognized by Architectural Products Magazine for its excellence in product innovation for the following categories: Solar Control Protection, Moisture/Thermal Protection and Windows/Doors/Openings.

Source: Solutia Inc./E-mail