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You want to improve your stirrers‘ life & efficiency?

We minimize stirrer degradation
to MAXIMIZE Glass Quality and Throughput.

The soda-lime glass industry are facing more stringent requirements towards glass purity, homogeneity and blister count. Traditionally used ceramic stirrers have several disadvantages:

- Low stirring efficiency (stress sensitive refractories do not allow efficient stirrer geometries & require low revolution speeds).
- Short service life of only a few months
- Constant monitoring of stirrer degradation (ceramic is susceptible to erosion and shaft fracture)

How can Umicore address these problems?

By means of FKS® based self-supporting stirrers that are light-weight, yet strong:

- Geometries that allow high stirring efficiency & increased revolution speed
- Stirrer weight comparable or lower than of PGM cladding of molybdenum or ceramic stirrers without the disadvantages of multi-material solutions.
- Longevity up to five years of service life and beyond, while the stirrer stays fully intact.
- Easy recycling of precious metal-only stirrers & high metal recuperation rates

Picture: Ceramic Stirrer after use

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