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Speed up job scheduling with Smart-Toolbox unallocated visits

Smart-Toolbox makes scheduling easy!

The scheduling functionality in Smart-Toolbox allows glaziers to know where they need to be and when, and also what they need to take with them to each job. Combine the functionality with a tablet and 3G/4G mobile internet access means hours saved in travel time as well as improved productivity for glaziers.

With paper based day sheets, glaziers would have to travel in to the office to find out where they need to be for the day, sometimes only to find the first job is only minutes from home. With the help of Smart-Toolbox and a tablet, glaziers can access this information on the road and day sheets don't need to be printed out. Having access to the information allows glaziers to see what jobs are assigned to them so that if at the end of a day where they have some time, they can try and squeeze in a job from another day.

Smart-Builder have further extended the scheduling functionality for companies with dedicated schedulers with unallocated visits. Unallocated visits allow sales staff to quickly create visits by entering visit date and morning or afternoon start time. These visits appear in a list, which the scheduler can then go through to assign them to appropriate glaziers. As unallocated visits are linked to jobs, schedulers have all the information about a job to allow them to decide which glazier to assign a job to.

With Smart-Toolbox scheduling, your company can schedule more jobs and never miss a promised visit again!