Stölzle-Oberglas has been investing in innovative technologies recently

Glass has been produced in Styria for more than 200 years, already. Two regional glassworks built the base for today’s internationally renowned Stölzle Glass Group, which has gained excellent reputation as manufacturer of packaging glass for Prestige Spirits, Perfumery and Cosmetics as well as Healthcare and Consumer products.

Recent investments in the Austrian plant show the clear commitment to economic and environmental sustainability. In the last two years almost 30 Million EUR have been invested in the Austrian glassworks. In 2013 the white flint furnace was repaired, in 2014 a new amber furnace was built and heating was switched from recuperative to regenerative technology. This year’s investment which amounts to 18 Million EUR is a further step to improve the glassworks environmental footprint: it results in reducing energy for heating the furnace by 50% with regard to electricity and by 20% with regard to gas. Besides, the implementation of innovative technology in various aspects of the plant helped to reduce CO2 emission by 4500 tons per year.

On September 8, the last brick was solemnly fixed on top of the furnace by Dr. Cornelius Grupp, owner of Stölzle Glass Group as well as regional and national politicians. After being blessed by the local priest the furnace finally was prepared to start melting. During the inauguration Dr Grupp once more expressed his confidence in the Austrian plant: “Stölzle has always been an Austrian based Group with international production sites. For me it is very important that the Austrian headquarters keep going strong in business.”

Stölzle Glass Group is one of the leading international producers of glass containers for the Perfumery& Cosmetics, Prestige Spirits as well as Healthcare & Consumer markets. With its headquarters in Austria the Group consists of five European production sites and three decoration factories. Stölzle is expert in both custom design and standard glass containers and offers state-of-the-art decoration technology including hot foil blocking, silk screen printing and multicolour spraying. Latest innovations include printing with special inks (fluorescent, phosphorescent and colour changing inks), digital printing as well as UV cured spray or printing. Also available is a wide range of closures, making STO a one-stop-shop.