Steklarna Hrastnik completes €1 million decoration facility renovation

Steklarna Hrastnik has completely renovated its decoration facility. Its €1 million investment includes a renovation of the production floor, a modernisation of the transport routes and a new hi-tech decoration machine.

With the new machine, Steklarna Hrastnik has increased its capacity, added new functionalities and improved the quality of decoration.

In 2015 Steklarna Hrastnik continued to invest in production. The company chose to renovate the decoration facility due to demand in 2014 being was more than a third higher than the year before.

The key part of the investment is the purchase of an additional decoration machine. The new machine makes it possible to create 8-colour decorations, organic colour decorations and decorations on complex shapes of glass.

“We firmly believe that as a provider of technologically perfect and high quality decoration on glass, we will be able to gain new customers and increase the volume of orders from our existing customers,” said Andrej Božič, General Manager of Steklarna Hrastnik.

The renovation also means an important improvement for the employees. All decoration employees work together on the renovated production floor, which enables a more worker-friendly organisation of production, a better flow of information and fast exchange of knowledge, thus contributing to rapid problem-solving and finding solutions.

Steklarna Hrastnik plans to add further functionalities to its decoration facility in the future, aimed mainly at improving the quality and entering a new market segment.

The new machine makes it possible to install a camera at the last work station in order to eliminate any products with faulty printing before the burning.

The new functionality will enable total control over the quality of printing, as well as a reduction of the costs of rejected glass products with faulty decorations.

On top of that, the new machine will also be upgraded with UV-technology, which is also used in the decoration of perfume bottles, a new range of products that Steklarna Hrastnik is introducing early next year.

Source: Steklarna Hrastnik/