Steklarna Hrastnik plans €8 million furnace upgrade

Slovenian manufacturer Steklarna Hrastnik is to invest €8 million in the reconstruction of its B-furnace on its Special production line for bottles.

The installation of the new B-furnace is scheduled for August and September. Installation will last 48 days and be implemented by 250 people, 24 hours a day.

The new B-furnace will increase the capacity and quality of production of bottles, with current production of 120 tonnes in the current quality glass rising to up to 140 tonnes per day at twice better quality glass.

Janez Tomažin, adviser to the General Manager, said: “The new furnace will bring us greater production efficiency, which for Steklarna Hrastnik means a higher return per unit of product.

"At the same time this will be more environmentally friendly investment, since the new furnace will be much more technologically advanced than the existing one.

“According to our calculations, we will have 15% lower power consumption, and NOx emissions will be reduced by 30%.”

Source: Hrastnik