Stoelzle Czestochowa (Poland) invests in new inspection equipment by TIAMA-msc & sgcc

Stoelzle Czestochowa which is part of Austria’s Stoelzle Glass Group started a new partnership with TIAMA, with the installation of 4 inspection machines dedicated to the inspection of premium spirit containers, such as the famous French Vodka Ciroc.

This new equipment was eventually approved by Stoelzle after several months of intensive on-line benchmarks, allowing the Polish Glassworks to test new quality inspection systems from various manufacturers, in the field of sidewall, base, finish and mould number reader.

The innovative concept that combines MULTI4, Kompass & MCAL4 allows a perfect control of special shapes, whilst orientating the containers with the help of state-of-the art software tools.

As a result, the containers can be controlled in new areas, where conventional inspection solutions are limited, such as engravings, logos, index marks, heel and finish. Using dynamic masks and dynamic inspection zones in a 3D concept, the MCAL4 and MULTI4 bring enhanced solutions for glassmakers, who have to deal with complex shapes, and exclusive designs.

Choosing the latest Tiama technologies answers the Stoelzle Czestochowa need for solutions managing high-end complex glass articles as this European key glassmaker is serving the market for Prestige Spirits and Liqueurs.

Source: TIAMA- mscc& sgcc/Stoelzle Czestochowa