TK srl

TK: 5 years warranty

TK, Italian company leader in the production of machinery for the hot treatment of glass, confirms itself as an important and continuously growing reality. The results obtained confirm this evolution in both numerical terms and in terms of the strengthening of the relations with customers and suppliers.
A success that is rooted in the 3 cornerstones of the company philosophy: technological excellence, constant presence throughout the life cycle of the product, meticulous attention to the costumer.
This last point in particular, has in this last months reached a strategic importance: TK has in fact decided to give an added value to its offer, it has chosen to extend up to 5 years the warranty on its ovens.
It might seem only a mere matter of numbers, but actually it is much more: to be able to guarantee plants as complex and elaborate as those for the treatment of the glass for 60 months. This really means certify beyond any reasonable doubt the absolute excellence of its offer.
In this way, considering the significant investment made, the customer feels part of a shared project and can really trust 100% a company whose purpose is not just to "sell a product", but rather to stay with him on a growth path.