TNO Glass Group becomes Celsian Glass & Solar B.V.

The Board of Directors of TNO has announced the transformation of the TNO Glass Group into a private company, named CelSian Glass & Solar B.V., under the umbrella of TNO Bedrijven B.V.
This new company has started its activities on 1 January 2012.

CelSian Glass & Solar B.V. inherits the rights and obligations of the TNO Glass Group (officially indicated as TNO PM&C).
For our partners and customers there will be no significant changes: you will be dealing with the same experts and technologists located at the current TNO site in Eindhoven. Our focus will be on identical areas & subjects as in the past.
As with TNO, Celsian Glass & Solar intends to host and organize GlassTrend activities and projects and to take over this task from TNO.

By continuing all activities of the TNO Glass Group in a private company there will be more freedom and flexibility to operate with less overhead and shorter decision lines. The new organization offers opportunities to enhance growth, to invest in fundamental R&D and to continue translation of our knowledge into technological solutions and applicable products.

As the name says we will continue to fully focus on serving the industrial areas, such as the glass manufacturing industry, glass industry suppliers and solar industries, which we have been working for over the last decades.

CelSian Glass & Solar B.V. is managed by a management team that consist of the undersigned as Managing Director, Ruud Beerkens (General Advisor), Roeland Brugman (Marketing & Sales), Andries Habraken (Projects), Adriaan Lankhorst (R&D) and Hans van Limpt (Product Development). All have been working for the TNO Glass Group.

Source: CelSian Glass & Solar B.V./E-mail