The First INLOADER in Egypt

Sphinx Glass was the leader in Egypt to have its own Inloader, offering the customers a premium glass transportation service. It is quick, safe and risk-free for loading and offloading as well as during transportation.

The Inloader is a vehicle for the transportation of float glass with the load not on the chassis-frame but inside, distributed on a special forked chassis-frame.
Inloader trailers that are used in transportation of glass allow fast loading and unloading. It takes only few minutes to load the consignment at the warehouse. The unloading time is the same, if the glass can be left at the customer’s premises on the rack. In such case, the customer provides an empty rack for the driver to be delivered back to the supplier’s warehouse.
The Inloader is a great mean of transportation specially when it comes to carrying Jumbo Size. The Inloader can carry glass sheets up to 6 METERS width. Thus,It had contributed to simplify the complete float glass logistics. Safety and economic efficiency of the floatglass transportation increased excessively high by the use of Inloaders.

Sphinx Glass is keen to keep the promise in working for the growth of the glass industry in Egypt and aims to satisfy all the customers in Egypt and abroad.

Source: Sphinx Glass/