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The way of handling things professionally of Van Bouwel implicates a never ending research and development to seek for innovative solutions: The VB-I & VB-A GREEN GENERATION.

These machines of the future operate fully electrical on batteries. Advanced research and self developed software make sure a remarkable autonomic time lap is realised. This new technology is their answer to the European tendency to restrict more and more the use of combustion engines. In the near future polluting engines will be charged with ecological taxes. Certified clean engines then will be set free of this charge.

What began as brainstorming thoughts in the European Commission in 2010 evolves in a range complete new series of full-electrical machines by Van Bouwel. The many models are ready to be discovered during the Glasstec exhibition in Düsseldorf on the Van Bouwel stand 11F34 of hall 11.

The ‘VB-A’ and ‘VB-I’ are a series of crawl cranes with telescopic boom, fly-jib and radio remote control mounted on a crawl chassis. Thanks to the flexibility and multi-functionality in mounting glass these series are already internationally well known. Areas difficult to reach, a small passage, the ‘VB-A’ and ‘VB-I’ easily finds his way.

As pioneers and own designer for years now, for copy-cats, Van Bouwel always is a step ahead. These models were always cheaper and technical superior to other competitors. This will remain so in the future. Better hi-tech machines, more sophisticated, more fine-tuned and with a unseen performance.

The ‘VB-A’ series has innovating features as black box function, electronic safety devices, full proportional valve, multiple speed in driving, fully integrated EN12999 stability device.

The GREEN GENERATION type of ‘VB-A’ does it even better. To be combustion free these machines are equipped with electric engines driven by a battery unit. The self developed software takes care of a unknown autonomy of the batteries. Additional hi-tech features are possible such as stupid proof functions, automatic levelling of the stabilizers, track and trace device and multiple individual and personalised authorisation platforms in the electronic device.

Thanks to the safety and stability devices these series can also be equipped with highworker basket. With this configuration the customer can choose whether he uses his machine as a highworker or as a loading crane.

It has been many years already that Van Bouwel develops his own constructions. They have the know-how and special machinery to create advanced COC - COP solutions for demanding customers.

In order to serve his customers even more efficiently, Van Bouwel Verkoop & Service is really motivated to seek for very advanced techniques to meet the future.

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