Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

The Right Solution for Key Challenges

Glass is an in vogue design medium for buildings and facades. It is not unusual to use extremely long glass panels, spanning multiple floors and weighing several tons. What are dazzling features to the observer present the manufacturer with special production and handling challenges.

Here is where Grenzebach gantries come in. Our fast and robust stackers and feeders are ideal for handling medium, large and extra-long jumbo sizes. Compared to conventional stackers they offer a number of advantages:

• Due to their construction gantries can stack to two opposing sides. So, for example, different qualities can already be sorted out during stacking.

• The panel position is measured during transport and the machine controller can correct a possible skew during the stacking process. A need for mechanical alignment or elaborate lifting devices for very large panes are no longer necessary.

• The Grenzebach gantries are characterized by a high dynamic range and flexibility. By reducing the moving mass and consistent implementation of FEM calculation they enable fast speeds for lighter sheets as well as higher loads for extra-long sheets. This protects the material and guarantees an efficient use of energy.

• Our gantries have servo drives in all axes. In combination with numerical control they achieve level of precision that guarantees 100% scratch-free stacking.

Grenzebach provides the market with three gantry series:

The P3GL series is designed for sheets with a maximum length of 7 m. Equipped with two lifting columns this series comes with a tin-air mode and achieves a maximum speed of 2.2 (tin side) or 3 cycles/min (air side).

With one lifting column the P4GN series can unload and load up to 10 meter long sheets at a maximum speed of 4.5 cycles/min.

The P3XN series with two lifting columns can handle sheets of up to 20 meters and a maximum weight of 2500 kg. A precise coordination of conveyor technology, handling, racks, and rack transportation is indispensable especially for extra-long sheets.

Grenzebach covers the entire spectrum for unloading and loading big and heavy glass sheets with these three gantry series. Customers can be sure to always get the right solution for their challenges.