Tecnosens S.p.A.

The best glass gauging system on the market

With our Systems for curving glass measurement

Measurement of SHAPE, BENDING and PERIMETER of glass production is our job.The fields in which we are already operating are:

Car Glass, Security Glass, Agricultural Field Glass, Special Glass, Shower Boxes

Our systems use the digital contact technology of LVDT transducers. This technology of measurement allows you to do a huge jumpin the quality of the productive progress, reducing drastically the control times and offering the totaltracing of the measures of every produced piece.TECNOSENS "Glass GaugingSystems" enjoy you a largeadaptability in the two versions now available: "Laboratory version" and "Industrial version".They can be used as manual for offline measurement or directly included in an automatic production line arriving to measurea glass every 2 seconds with 120points of measure. LVDT digital transducers can be mounted on standard supports (generally supplied directly by the customer), or on special supports that can be completely readjusted. Versatility of the system makes it advantageous, further on big lotof goods, also where production demand is limited. High quality, total traceability and easy setup are the reasons why most of customers choose our digital systems.We operate with success in this fieldfor more than 7 years. TECNOSENS supports with its complete systems and LVDT transducers, the majorsmanufacturers of car glass in theworld like Saint Gobain, Pilkington, Glaverbel and others.