Cerion GmbH

The innovation of CERION

The Cerion GmbH offers new possibilities in glass processing by a completely new developed laser procedure to customize glass surfaces and with the new inclined bed laser system c-vertica.

The c-vertica enables the processing of glass surfaces with unique structures and motifs, and the laser engraving of two-and three-dimensional designs inside and onto glass with just one machine. From the little partial to the large-area glass processing (up to 6000 x 3210 mm) the new inclined-bed laser system is highly efficient and process costs are extremely inexpensive and very accurate.

Time consuming preparations known from etching, sandblasting or screen printing, are not necessary at this novel processing technology. Another advantage: in adaption with Cerions fully automatic car magazine you can use the c-vertica with a close to zero personnel effort almost 24 hours a day.