The new Bohle glass transporting pliers - load capacity up to 500 kg and up to 1.000 kg

Bohle launches two new glass transporting pliers. The sturdy pliers serve for handling diverse sheet materials such as glass, wood or metal and excel due to their very easy and safe handling. The pliers are lifted above the object to be transported with a hoisting tool and can easily be positioned with two guiding aids. When placed onto the plate, a mechanism is set in motion which ensures a safe grip simply by the upwards motion of the transporting pliers.

The GTP1000 model is suitable for loads up to 1.000 kg and can lift materials with thicknesses between 4 and 24 mm. The GTP500 model is appropriate for materials up to 500 kg and thicknesses between 3 and 18 mm. Please refer to the Bohle Online Shop under for more detailed information technical data.

Source: Bohle AG