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The new and improved version of Smart-Toolbox is out now!

Smart-Builder glass design software

Smart-Toolbox is our flagship sales and invoicing tool designed especially for glass merchants and installers. It provides a sales system which is extremely flexible and can be as simple or complex as you need. Take control over the whole lifecycle of quotes, jobs, work orders, glass orders, invoicing and receipts – all this information will be at your fingertips.

We also offer the most advanced design and estimation tools available for showers, shopfronts, balustrades, railings and splashbacks. These design tools work stand alone or integrated with Smart-Toolbox.

Our latest release of Smart-Toolbox has quite a few new features; to give you a taster we have listed a couple of our new features below.
• In our new version of Smart-Toolbox an enhanced email option for all documents is now available.
• To facilitate sharing of files in Smart-Toolbox related to documents and customers, files can now be stored against Smart-Toolbox customers, quotes, work orders, purchase orders and invoices.
If you would like to find out what all our new features entail, ask us for a free Toolbox-demo. We will gladly provide you with a personal guided tour after which you are welcome to try out our software for free for 30 days!

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