The volume of production of the LLC "Dagestan Glass Containers" makes 257.5 million rubles

The volume of production of the LLC "Dagestan Glass Containers" for the first 9 months of the year totaled 257.5 million rubles, the spokesperson of the Agency for investments and foreign economic relations RD Havyar Guliyeva said.

According to Guliyeva, currently specialists are implementing the first phase of the project and develop business plan for the second phase. "The plant for the production of glass containers, corresponding to European standards has been built. The equipment for the production of high-quality glass bottles worth 10 million euros and the designed capacity of 134 million units per year have been purchased" - Guliyeva noted.

In the town Dagestanskiye Ogni the investment project "Modernization of shop for the production of narrow mouth bottles and the construction of a new plant for the production of glass sheets under European standards" is implemented. It is initiated by the LLC "Dagestan Glass Containers" too. The project provides for the production of narrow-neck bottles with volume of 268 million units per year. The cost of the project is 935 million rubles.

The first phase has been completely financed by credit funds provided by "Investtradebank" LBBV Bank the Czech Republic. As part of the investment project 135 new jobs have been created.

"The new facility will provide the annual output volume of glass up to 1,020 million rubles and will create additional 60 new jobs with an average salary of more than 15 thousand rubles per month. Currently an active work on raising funds for the second phase of the project is conducted" - Guliyeva concluded.

Source: Dagestan Glass Containers/