The world´s largest bottle of champagne arrived in London

Champagne is associated with holidays and special moments in the life. In honor of the beginning of the champagne week called "Searcy´s National Champagne week", which is celebrated from 6 to 12 October at the railway station St Pancras in London, the world´s largest bottle of champagne was brought here.

Compared to standard bottles of champagne, which weigh is about 2.2 kg, a huge bottle weighs 13.6 kg, and its height is 1.2 meters. This 30-liter bottle is also known as Mulchizedek. The thorough preparation was needed to transport the bottle.

Joel Claustre, the director of Searcys Champagne production, said that in a bottle of champagne is as much as 40 standard bottles. The price of this champagne is quite high, because even to pour it into a glass requires special efforts. For this purpose was created a special motorized stand.

Source: StekloSouz/