TuffX invests in Bottero

TuffX Processed Glass, one of the UK’s leading specialist glass processors, has invested in a Bottero cutting line to cope with increasing demand for products in the Ambience & Processed Glass ranges.

This is the third cutting line installed at TuffX during the last 2 years, and has been integrated into the company’s modern 50,000sq ft facility at Knowsley to further streamline production methods.

The installation has already helped to increase output of the popular AmbiMax Oversize units and will enable the company to further diversify its specialist glass range.

Substantial investment in Bottero equipment has been made since an initial cutting line was installed by TuffX in 1997. Since then a good relationship has been built up between the two companies over the years, as the reliability of the Bottero brand has proved excellent.

Source: TuffX Processed Glass/Bottero/