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Turning Glass Waste Into Higher Value Porducts

The powerful IIT milling technology is a low energy system for the fine grinding of glass waste

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IIT’s patented m-series of modular grinding mills provides a low energy solution for the highly efficient conversion of glass waste into fine milled product for use in a wide range of commercial applications.

Compact and powerful‚ the centrifugal grinding mechanism of the IIT technology is extremely energy efficient with the vertical material flow path and special roller assembly ensuring that the force produced is translated into maximum particle grinding power.

Grinding modules can be arranged in series or parallel combinations to meet specific product throughputs and milled particle sizes are accurately controlled through adjustments in the rotational speed of the grinding mechanism.

As a result, a wide range of product streams can be produced from a single milling system, enabling different grades of glass product to be produced for different applications.

IIT grinding and powder classification systems are already successfully being used to convert what would otherwise be regarded as waste glass into a re-usable, higher value commercial product.

In addition, the IIT grinding technology can be used to convert cullet with ceramic inclusion problems into a viable product for use in closed loop recycling.

The compact size of the system and simple installation means the new technology can be easily incorporated in existing glass industry processing and manufacturing facilities.

With growing interest in secondary markets for fine milled glass products, IIT’s specialist fine grinding technology is already playing a key role in helping to turn low value waste that would normally be consigned to landfill into higher value commercial products. More at