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VB-A with Intelligent Green Generation Package

VB-A 4010

The ongoing technical evolution at Van Bouwel Verkoop & Service results in a completely new development and concept : the  VB-A  with INTELLIGENT GREEN GENERATION PACKAGE.

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The VB-A of the new series GREEN GENERATION are machines of the future working on electricity using battery packs. Special high-tech software developed by our own ICT crew gives these machines a smooth and tuned handling as never seen before.

It is a logical reaction to the European tendency of limiting more and more the use of combustion engines. With such CO neutral certified machines future implemented taxes will be avoided.

The VB-A is already internationally known by their flexibility and performance in mounting windows, glass and other panels, stage assistance, greenhouse and swimming pool equipment, prefab and wood constructions, cemetery assistance, ...

These machines are completely radio controlled cranes, very compact, with telescopic boom and fly-jib. As these machines are so compact, they can easily get through narrow passages, doors and gates.

Quite some years already Van Bouwel is used to build his proper constructions and specialized machines. We have the knowhow and special equipment to give our customers to the point solutions according to COP and COC regulations.

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