Verallia Germany helps develop successful bottle

The 0.75 litre club-shaped, semi-sparkling wine bottle from Peter Mertes Weinkeller in Bernkastel-Kues, Germany was already a complete success in the first year.

The glass bottle developed in collaboration with Verallia Deutschland represents a unique selling point in the market due to its unusual shape.

In October 2011 Verallia Germany was commissioned with the development of a 0.75 litre club-shaped, semi-sparkling wine bottle for promotion purposes, which should also be suitable for carbonated beverages.

The rapid implementation of the idea into a finished product by the team from Peter Mertes and the Verallia Deutschland design centre already made it possible to present the product – filled and completely equipped – in March 2012 at the ProWein international trade fair.

Whereas 2 million bottles were already sold in the first year, nearly a tripling of sales figures is anticipated for the current year.

Source: Verallia Germany/