Vitro to construct Brazilian glass container plant

Mexican producer Vitro is to construct a $90 million glass container plant in Brazil to serve the cosmetics, fragrances, and speciality segments.

The company said it will strengthen its presence in the South American country which has the highest per capita consumption of cosmetics and also one of the two largest markets in the world for this segment.

One of the main advantages is that a significant portion of its customers in this industry, to which Vitro has served for years from Mexico, have substantial operations in the region.

“We expect that the new plant, which will be built with our own technology, to start operations in the second quarter of 2016. Meanwhile, we will continue exporting to South America from our plant in Toluca,” said Adrián Sada Cueva, Vitro CEO.

“Our manufacturing presence in Brazil will help to consolidate our position in the global market for cosmetics and fragrances, with a multi-regional presence that will serve our customers better,” added Sada.

Source: Vitro/glass-international.com