Adelio Lattuada Srl

We will polish 100 mm laminated glass at Glasstec this year!

Lattuada is the only machine able to vertically polish 100 mm thick glass

The TLS-15 spindle edger with variable angle will be displayed at Glasstec. The conveyor is capable of handling weights up to 1.100 Kg, or 2.200 Kg on the whole machine. It can process thicknesses up to 100 mm, with sizes up to 12.0 mt x 3,21 mt.

The TLS-15 will work non-stop during the four-day exhibition, showing the high quality we can offer on great thicknesses. To handle these large lites of glass we will utilize a light bridge crane with suction cups. Live Performances Every Day!

Other features on the TLS-15 model displayed are:

  • OT 300 Motorized Washing Machine fitted on the outlet conveyor completely cleans and dry’s the processed edge of the glass sheets. It automatically position itself according to the glass thickness set on the machine;

  • independent motorization on the outlet conveyor;

  • pneumatic tooth-type coupling (clutch) both on the inlet and the outlet conveyor to help reduce wear and tear on the conveyors while loading and offloading glass;

  • filters for the water tank which collect the remains of the laminates from the processed glass preventing clogging of the water lines;

  • conveyor without bearings: this solution allows Lattuada Machines to carry high weights and also to absorb even the smallest differences in thickness of the laminated glass;

  • PC to manage all working phases of the TLS-15;

  • front controls for the rear arris on the diamond and polishing spindles: a device to help the operator make adjustments from the front versus behind the machine which saves precious time;

  • ultrasonic sensor detects glass entering the machine: This guarantees toughness, long durability, precision and total insensitivity to water and dirt;

  • oil equipment with end-line pressure switch: an additional safety to guarantee in every moment the perfect working of the fundamental lubrication system;

  • cylinders with brakes for the automatic recovery of the polishing arris wheels wear.

The possibilities to customize all Lattuada edging machines are countless! This allows you to have the solution that works best for your business needs!

Here are examples of the high quality polish achieved by the TLS-15 only by LATTUADA.