Wiegand places order with Zippe

Zippe receives order for cullet house and cullet transport system from Wiegand Glas.

The order, which was received at the beginning of the year, is for the turnkey delivery of a cullet house and cullet transport system to supply all four furnaces at Wiegand Glas’s location in Steinbach am Wald, Germany.

The scope of supply comprises the complete plant technology as well as the complete control system including software-programming, steelworks, installation and commissioning.

The cullet house serves as storage facility for factory cullet, intermediate cullet, special cullet and fine grain. Three independent transport systems guarantee a high flexibility, able to feed all four furnaces with cullet.

Since Wiegand Glas operates with a very high cullet ratio, this plant section will be a crucial element in ensuring the melting material supply in Steinbach.

Source: Zippe/Wiegand Glas/