Zeversolar partnering with Emiter Sp z.o.o. in Katowice

Inverter producer from China, has partnered with Emiter Sp z.o.o. based in Katowice to introduce new inverters to the Polish market. From end of November 2015 on Emiter will distribute Zeversolar’s inverter-line in Poland.

With single phase inverters from nominal 1.0 KWp to 5 KWp and three phase inverters from 4 KWp to 33 KWp, which were already certified for use for most of the European markets, including Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and UK, Zeversolar presents a wide range of highly efficient string-inverters for residential and commercial solar energy systems. All inverters e.g. already possess necessary certificates for Poland.

“We are confident that our single and three phase inverter line is meeting the requirements of the demand in this market with its mix of quality, liability and budget price point. We are looking forward to meet the interest of the installers via Emiter’s wide network of PV-related business partners,” said Andreas König, Sales Director of Zeversolar.

“With Zeversolar and their portfolio for the budget segment we found a reliable partner to address this growing market segment,” confirmed Grzegorz Łukasik, CEO of Emiter.

Source: Zeversolar /zeversolar.com