Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH

evguard® film for customised projects in modern façade construction

Folienwerk Wolfen’s EVA film opens up new application options in architecture and façade construction

In modern architecture, individuality counts. Laminated glass films are increasingly being used to create sophisticated façades. evguard® by Folienwerk Wolfen is an EVA film that meets high standards for heat and ageing resistance, moisture and UV protection and wind resistance. It is also the only EVA film in the world that is also offered as a customised film. Depending on the size and film strength, Folienwerk Wolfen supplies customers with bespoke laminated glass films upon request. In addition, the properties of the film can be adjusted depending on the specific characteristics typical of a particular country, for example, strong UV protection for southern latitudes. Folienwerk Wolfen will be presenting evguard® from 21 to 24 October at glasstec in Hall 11, Stand A29 in Düsseldorf.

Glass processing is gaining in importance in the corporate architecture design category. Glass symbolises openness and transparency and is being increasingly integrated into façade construction, as individual surfaces and even entire glass façades. evguard® laminated glass film is a durable material that opens up new possibilities in the construction industry with its reliability and static properties. Laminated glass with evguard® film maintains durability for over 100 years and features optimal acoustic and soundproof characteristics.

“Commonly used laminated glass films lose their adhesive effect through wind and heat as they soften”, explained Steffen Bornemann , Project Manager in the Research and Development Team at Folienwerk Wolfen. “This means that the façades, particularly frameless glass panels, become unstable. With the cross-linked structure of evguard®, the lamination film cannot soften and can withstand high temperature. It also ensures a high level of stability and improves the look of the component.” This shear modulus effect has already been tested in action.

The evguard® laminated glass film also sets high standards in terms of safety as it has undergone the pendulum impact test 44.1, DIN EN 12600 and the ball drop test 44.2, DIN 52338. The film prevents glass from splintering, even under great stress. evguard® is manufactured at a German plant certified in accordance with DIN norms with guaranteed consistent quality.