AVANCIS launches its newest product generation PowerMax 3.5. Parent company CNBM with ambitious plans for expansion of the global CIGS production capacity.

AVANCIS, German manufacturer of CIGS photovoltaic modules and a subsidiary of the Chinese building materials group CNBM, appears stronger than ever at this year's Intersolar. Following the successful restructuring of its 100 MW factory in Torgau, the CIGS pioneer presents the latest generation of its frameless solar module PowerMax® at Intersolar from 10th to 12th of June in hall A2/stand 270.

The key features of the new PowerMax® generation

Significantly improved characteristics of the brand new all-round CIGS module show a structured anti-reflective front glass, which enables the growth of very homogeneous, matt black plants with concealed mounting brackets. The prerequisite for this is that the design of the existing used, special Backrail was further optimized in the latest generation of products. Further significant product enhancements show the higher power classes up to 140 Wp and almost 14% module efficiency and a now PID module free design. By avoiding potential-induced degradation (PID) also transformer-less inverters can be used without endangering the long-term stability.

From module manufacturer to a system provider

CNBM, the parent company of Avancis, is pursuing an ambitious program for the development of solar energy, which is implemented with the group's own project development company CTIEC. The internationally positioned CTIEC project group realizes solar projects worldwide, where AVANCIS occupies the key technological function in the CIGS sector.

"Thanks to CTIEC, we could evolve from a pure solar module manufacturer to a provider of PV systems," says Dr. Franz Karg, CEO of AVANCIS. "We represent the entire PV value chain and will offer our customers complete PV solutions, from ground-mounted systems and solar parks up to roof installations and solar facades."

CNBM is planning to expand the global CIGS production capacity in the next 10 years to a gigawatt range. As building materials group, CNBM plans especially to increasingly build-up and expand the BIPV sector.

"Not only in Europe, also in the world's largest solar market which is currently China, we see the area in the BIPV solar energy as one of the most important growing markets in order to generate, consume and storage renewable and intelligent energy in a smart way," says Zhiping Song, Chairman of CNBM.

Source: AVANCIS GmbH/avancis.de