A featherweight champion

The Rhine wine spirits bottle produced by Vetropack Austria is now available in a new light-weight version. Weighing just 450 grams, this elegant flint glass bottle is 20 per cent lighter than its predecessor. The new design also uses less material, which is helping to considerably reduce CO2 emissions.

Cutting down on weight means careful use of resources. Significantly less material is consumed to produce the new light-weight glass bottles and a high proportion of recycled material is used, considerably reducing the level of CO2 emissions generated. For every million bottles produced, 110 tons of glass is saved and 81 tons less CO2 is emitted. With their 100 per cent recyclability and absolute neutrality regarding the packaging contents, glass bottles conform to well-established environmental standards – and the new light-weight version is no exception.

The new Rhine wine spirits bottle weighs a mere 450 grams, making it 20 per cent lighter than the previous model. However, it retains the same 0.7 litre filling capacity and level of strength and stability as before and successfully combines aesthetic appeal with environmental benefits. Even though less material is used to make the new containers, there is no need to modify the existing labels or closures. These flint glass bottles, which are produced at Vetropack’s Austrian plant, are simply great for the environment, great for bottling and great for consumers.

Source: Vetropack Holding Ltd./vetropack.cz