Appointment to the Highest Level of the ZEISS Technical Ladder

Dr. Michael Kempe and Dr. Michael Totzeck are Designated Fellows

Dr. Michael Kempe and Dr. Michael Totzeck have been designated as Fellows, the highest level of the ZEISS technical ladder. They both work at Corporate Research & Technology. Kempe is Head of the Technology area. Totzeck is Head of Industrial and Consumer Innovations. President and CEO of ZEISS Dr. Michael Kaschke congratulated them both on their designation and thanked them for their excellent work to date.

Kempe, who obtained his doctorate in Physics, has been working at ZEISS since 1999. He has been designated Fellow on the basis of his in-depth scientific knowledge in the area of microscope development and biomedical optics. Kaschke comments: "Michael Kempe is one of the key players in shaping high resolution microscopy at ZEISS. Because of his expertise in laser physics and biomedical optics, he is also a highly-respected member of the scientific community."

Totzeck, who also got his doctorate in the field of Physics, started his career at ZEISS in 2002. He has been designated Fellow primarily due to his expertise in imaging, lithography, and optical metrology. "Michael Totzeck has been instrumental in driving the networking of ZEISS with the scientific community. Therefore, he plays a significant role in ensuring that ZEISS can assert its position as a technology leader," Kaschke emphasizes.

There are now three Fellows at ZEISS in total. Winfried Kaiser, Head of Product Strategy in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology business group, was appointed to the highest level of the technical ladder in 2007.

The ZEISS Technical Ladder

ZEISS introduced the technical ladder in 2005 to give employees in research and development departments a career path of equivalent status to the "traditional" management route. The technical ladder enables experts to further their development on a continuous basis and is therefore a key component in boosting innovativeness at ZEISS.

The ZEISS technical ladder corresponds to international standards. Companies such as IBM, Infineon and Intel also use this type of technical ladder with the same levels (Senior, Staff, Principal, Senior Principal and Fellow). Designation to one of the five levels is based on a range of criteria, such as technical knowledge, idea leadership and influence of scientific achievements on company success. About 500 ZEISS employees work in the technical ladder at present.

Source: Carl Zeiss/zeiss.com