Astronergy won the 5-Star reward for TUV Rheinland Sun Cup Module Capacity Contest

In May, Astronergy received the 5-star reward from TUV Rheinland for the result of first quarter competition. The 5-star reward is the top prize of this contest. Astronergy used 60-cell modules to participate the contest. The series are the major products that Astronergy provide to its clients. The panels for this contest are random samples from the production line. The judge team assessed panels from various angles including power level, irradiance information, temperature, environmental and weather. The report is based on a comprehensive data collection and analysis. All the modules are exposed to the sun since last December. Special facilities from TUV team have been monitoring 24 hours a day to synchronize data.

The contest will last for a year. Reports will be delivered to each contestant quarterly. This year 2015, it is the first Sun Cup holding in Yun nan Province China. Yunnan province is on highland that has rich sun irradiation and weather condition is also severe. Result of module performance test from this area can be used as reference to many other places.

“High quality is the core to win the market. I am happy to know the result. Our products can adapt to extreme conditions. This opens up more opportunities for us. Constantly improve quality is our duty. I am sure we will win the rest of the competition too.” Said executive vice president Dr.Lu Chuan.

Source: Astronergy/astronergy.com