Black Tonic

On hot summer days, we find ourselves longing for nothing more than a dip in the pool or a refreshingly cool drink. So how about a sip of the new Cockta Black Tonic? Vetropack Straža in Croatia produces the black glass bottles for this beverage.

Cockta is a refreshing soft drink which comes from the former Yugoslavia and is very popular amongst young people. Its inventor, Emerik Zelinka, concocted a new formula from a mixture of pomegranate, vitamin C, various herbs and caramelised sugar – and that was the moment Cockta was born. Even today, the secret behind Cockta’s unmistakeable flavour still lies in its blend of herbs combined with pomegranates, lemons and oranges.

Consumers in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia can now find a new version – Cockta Black Tonic – on the supermarket shelves. This is based on the original Cockta recipe, but with the addition of bitter tonic and caffeine. It comes in elegant black glass bottles, which are produced by the Croatian Vetropack plant in Hum na Sutli and are distinguished by their long, slim body and short neck. Clean and simple lines accentuate the bottles’ air of refinement. Thanks to their handy design and 0.25 litre capacity, they are perfect for providing refreshment while you are on the go.

Source: Vetropack Holding Ltd./vetropack.ch