Double-digit Glass Price Hikes Announced

In recent letters to customers, officials from PPG Industries notified customers Nov. 3 of an increase for clear glass of 10 percent for customers in the Eastern-Central Regions, and 15 percent for customers in the Western region.

“PPG Flat Glass continues to experience rising material, operating and logistic costs associated with the production and supply of our glass products, despite our many focused and ongoing cost containment initiatives. As a result, we find it necessary to increase pricing on our flat glass products,” said Mark Seeton, director, North American sales, flat glass, for PPG Industries, in the Nov. 3 letter to customers.

“Additionally, due to the impact of regional labor, utility and transportation costs, we are implementing separate price increases for customers with ship-to locations within the Western United States and Western Canadian Provinces, as depicted on the attached map,” Seeton continued.

In addition to the increase in clear glasses, PPG will implement price increases for the following products: tinted glass (7 percent); Starphire ultra-clear glass (5 percent); Solarcool and Vistacool coated glass (5 percent); and MSVD coated glass (8 percent for Eastern-Central regions, and 11 percent for the Western region). Prices for PPG’s heat strengthened and tempered glasses will include the increases for the base substrate. The price increases are effective Dec. 1.

Source: PPG Industries/glassmagazine.com