EU ProSun: US solar tariffs send strong signal to China against dumping and unfair competition

The US Department of Commerce today announced the imposition of duties higher than 50 percent for solar power products from China and about 20 percent from Taiwan. The US decision follows the requests of the US solar industry and will provide effective deterrents against Chinese illegal dumping and export subsidies.

The previous anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar cells and modules, were avoided and circumvented by government-funded Chinese solar manufacturers on a massive scale. These underhand tactics should now be stopped with the new tariffs. Milan Nitzschke, President of the European industrial initiative EU ProSun said: "Europe should follow the example of the United States. EU anti-dumping measures apply here but Chinese companies are openly violating WTO and EU trade laws by avoiding paying customs duties and breaking the minimum import price agreement. While the US acts decisively, the European Commission just watches as more and more European solar manufacturers are forced into bankruptcy."

The new US tariffs are related to solar cells and modules from Taiwan containing these cells, and modules that were mostly made in China, regardless of where the solar cells originate from. Before the final enforcement of the new customs duties, the International Trade Committee of the United State has to make a final agreement end of January.

Source: EU ProSun /prosun.org